Sarah Wilson
Certified Makeup Artist • Maui Bridal Makeup Artist
Working in the professional makeup industry since 18, Sarah has always had an artistic soul. Influenced and encouraged by her Grandmother she pursued her dreams of becoming a professional makeup artist. From the Bay Area of CA. Sarah's career of Makeup Artistry blossomed in Maui. Sarah has worked with major brands including Benefit cosmetics and managing one of the largest makeup counters in Maui, Estée Lauder cosmetics. Her creative & professional training continued when working for MAC cosmetics for 5 years. She acquired multiple certifications with MAC and met Liz while working at the Maui counter. Both being MAC certified artist and sharing the love for the freelance industry Sarah joined Maui Makeup Artistry. Sarah specializes in all makeup creations from fresh face natural to smokey sultry looks. Her diversity and ability to work with all skin tones and ethnicities is an asset for her brides & clients. Sarah's passion for the artistic world of makeup and fashion continues to grow with every client she interacts with.

" My purpose is to make you feel like the beautiful person you already are. "
~ Sarah Wilson

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Client Reviews
I don't normally wear much makeup, Sarah completely transformed me.  It was so fun playing dress up with what seemed to be lifelong friends.  Thank you Maui Makeup Artistry for making my day extra special! ”

The best part about my Maui Makeup Artistry team was how relaxed they made me feel. Being a bride can be incredibly stressful but Sarah, Liz and Shelby made sure I didn't have to worry about a thing. From talking down unruly bridesmaids who were insisting they needed to look different than everyone else, to late-for-their appointment mother-in-laws, these three ladies took care of everything. I was able to sit back and enjoy my day without any stress thanks to them and for that alone I am eternally grateful! I cannot recommend this team enough. Thank you so much Liz, Shelby and Sarah! ”

Sarah's flawess make-up was spot on. They did my mom, my bridesmaids and my mother - in -law and they all felt and looked gorgeous. I have modeled many years in my life and always weary of MUAs for events but these women are the real deal. I would recommend them to ANYONE older, younger they are superstars! ”

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Sarah's Work & behind the scenes: